1 Jan The Losen
Birthabt 1500, Millingen, Germany
1528 mentioned in records in Millingen-Council Member
1531 mentioned in records in Millingen-Council Member
ChildrenDiederich (~1530-)

1.1 Diederich The Losen
Birthabt 1530, Anholt, Germany
1555 mentioned in records in Anholt
1559 mentioned in reocrds in Anholt
ChildrenHeinrich D (~1570-)

1.1.1 Heinrich D The Losen
Birthabt 1570, Anholt, Germany
1589 Member Antonius Gilde-Anholt, 1590, 1602/3/4
ChildrenHeinrich I (~1623-) Heinrich I The Losen*
Birthabt 1623, Anholt, Germany
1667 Council Member Anholt
1645 Mentioned in records, also 1655, 1664
SpouseHenriette Jugenbreills
ChildrenJohannes (1639-)

Other spouses: Echeline N. Johannes Ter Losen
Birth13 Sep 1639
SpouseHenriette van Vehlen
Marriage16 May 1663, Anholt, Germany
ChildrenBernardus (1668-)
 Aleidis (1671-)
 Engelbertus (1677-) Bernardus The Losen
Birth1 Jan 1668/69 Aleidis The Losen
Birth26 May 1671 Engelbertus The Losen
Birth2 Feb 1677/78 Theodor The Losen*
Church records mention these two marriages. No proof that it is the same person. Child "Infant" died 7/24/1706. Assume child is from 1st mariage and 1st wife died at childbirth.
SpouseGertrudis Schweres
Death1706, Xanten, Germany
Marriage19 Jan 1706, Xanten, Germany
ChildrenInfant (1706-1706)

Other spouses: Christina Helena Scholten Infant The Losen
Birth1 Jul 1706, Xanten, Germany
Death24 Jul 1706, Xanten, Germany Theodor The Losen* (See above)
SpouseChristina Helena Scholten
Marriage29 Apr 1708, Xanten, Germany

Other spouses: Gertrudis Schweres Johannes The Losen
ChildrenTheodor (~1756-) Theodor The Losen
Birthabt 1756, Xanten, Germany
French census of 1801 of Xanten lists all of them except for Gerhard.
French census in 1802 of Frasselt near Kranenburg lists him as Thiery Terloosen all children live with them.
French census of 1812 does NOT mention Wilhelmina Arnds (J.Elsenraad old 48 is mentioned) and only son Gerhard lives with him.
SpouseWilhelmina Arntz
Birthabt 1761, Venlo, The Netherlands
Death7 Dec 1807, Frasselt, Germany
Marriage7 Mar 1791, Venlo, The Netherlands
ChildrenPetrus (~1792-1868)
 Wilhelm (1792-)
 Johannes Theodorus (1795-1851)
 Gerhard (~1801-) Petrus Thelosen
Birthabt 1792, Xanten, Germany
Death27 Apr 1868, Nuetterden, Germany
SpouseAntonia Peters
Birth1792, Gennep, The Netherlands
Death13 Jan 1868, Nuetterden, Germany
FatherGradus Peters
MotherPetronella Fijten
Marriage24 Oct 1817, Gennep, The Netherlands
ChildrenWilhelm (1821-1915)
 Wilhelmina (1825-1899)
 Theodora (~1830-) Wilhelm Theloosen
Birth1821, Nuetterden, Germany
Death27 Jan 1915, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
SpouseMaria Berns
Birth1818, Nuetterden, Germany
Death30 Sep 1884, Nijmegen, The netherlands
FatherRutger Berns
MotherTheodora Derks
Marriage18 Jun 1843, Nuetterden, Germany
ChildrenJohannes (1843-1924)
 Theodora Petronella (1845-1908)
 Anna Maria (1846-)
 Wilhelm (1848-1922)
 Christina Wilhelmina (1849-1923)
 Helena Maria (1850-1852)
 Catharina (1851-)
 Helena Maria (1853-1908)
 Wilhelmina (1854-1856)
 Maria Elisabeth (1855-1928)
 Friederika Antonia (1856-1858)
 Gertrud Helena (1857-1859)
 Antonia Sophia (1858-1860)
 Rudgerus Theodorus (1860-1941)
 Bertha Antonia (1861-1930)