Alice The Losen
SpouseGerrit Ingenholt
Marriage22 Sep 1683 Adelheid The Losen
SpouseTheodor Pikkers
Marriage29 May 1679 Bernhardt The Losen* (See above)
SpouseCatherine von Essen
Marriage24 Aug 1636

Other spouses: Adelheidt Ostoringh, Catharine Mueller Bernhardt The Losen* (See above)
SpouseCatharine Mueller
Marriage3 Dec 1648, Anholt, Germany
ChildrenCatharina (1650-)
 Jodocus (1651-)
 Bernhardine (1654-)

Other spouses: Adelheidt Ostoringh, Catherine von Essen Catharina The Losen
Birth23 May 1650
SpouseJohannes Grubb
Marriage10 Jul 1671, Anholt, Germany Jodocus The Losen
Birth21 Jan 1651/52
SpouseMechtild Keutenbrouwers
ChildrenAdelheid (1698-)
 Anna Gertrud (1699-)
 Franciscus (1703-)
 Henricus (1704-) Adelheid The Losen
Birth24 Nov 1698 Anna Gertrud The Losen
Birth6 Jan 1699/00 Franciscus De Loosen
Birth25 Nov 1703, Emmerich, Germany Henricus Losen
Birth24 Nov 1704, Emmerich, Germany Bernhardine The Losen
Birth14 Mar 1654/55 Friedrich The Losen
SpouseElisabeth Lensingh
Marriage4 Oct 1645, Anholt, Germany
ChildrenAdelheid (1646-1650)
 Johannes (1647-)
 Adelheid (1649-) Adelheid Zur Losen
Birth21 Jun 1646, Anholt, Germany
Death1650 Johannes The Losen
Birth24 Nov 1647
SpouseGenoveva N.
ChildrenHeinrich (1697-) Heinrich Loesen
Birth21 Mar 1697/98, Anholt, Germany

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